Holiday Baking and Cookies

My cookie baking career started as a mother-daughter special tradition when my daughter was too young to understand what we were doing, but oh, how she loved to lick the chocolate-covered spatulas. As she grew older, she graduated to rolling the dough, then painting on the decorations, until finally she invited her friends into the house for cookie baking parties while I sat back and sipped eggnog–and how nice is that!

cookies cooking

Back then, the Fanny Farmer Baking Book was my go-to source. Now that cookbook belongs to my daughter, its well-worn pages spattered with batter and memories and love.

For the last few years, the cookbook I’ve used is Sweet Maria’s Cookie Jar, and I highly recommend it. Every recipe I’ve tried is delicious.


In the past, I’ve made 10-15 varieties, but this year I am absolutely, positively, cutting down to six.
-Gingerbread, of course, though this recipe is from my original cookbook.
And from Sweet Maria’s:
-Eggnog Cookies, p. 140
-Pumpkin Pie Drops, p. 125
-Snickerdoodles, p. 22
-Maple Walnut Drops, p. 24
-Italian Drop Cookies, p. 59
-Pecan Sandies, p. 86
-Thumbprints, p. 131

Wait a minute. That’s eight, and my list has about ten more that are simply delicious. I. Must. Cut. Down.

Do you like to bake? Have a favorite cookbook? A specialty cookie you must make every year or your family will grumble? How do you decide which to include and which to forgo? This inquiring mind wants to know 🙂

Have a great day!