The Latest News ~ Forever Yours

Dear Readers,

More exciting news to share: this week marks the re-release of Forever Yours, a Regency historical romance featuring two strangers with painful pasts struggling to find love and happiness within their arranged marriage.

Romance Junkies called it “a heart-touching romance that will have you sighing over the love and caring that is present between Jagger and Sophie.”

For more reviews or to read an excerpt, please visit the book page at my website.

Forever Yours is available now through these fine stores:

Amazon     iBooks     Kobo     Barnes & Noble

But please note: the same disclaimer I mentioned in my previous post regarding the new version of A Dangerous Man also holds true for this new edition of Forever Yours. Though lightly revised, the story remains essentially unchanged. So if you’ve read the original copy, published in 2007 by Kensington Publishing Corp., there’s really no reason to purchase this second edition, unless you want a copy with the lovely new cover, which was also designed by the talented

And now the cover reveal:


ISBN ebook: 978-0-9885505-3-7

A Marriage of Inconvenience

Sophie Treneham thought she’d left scandal behind her when she retired to a quiet country estate to raise her daughter alone. But her peaceful refuge is shattered when a stranger with dark hair and a menacing scar across his cheek arrives in her drawing room and claims she is his betrothed! Marrying this pirate of a man is out of the question and Sophie is sure he has come to pillage what is left of her home. Only as an irresistible attraction builds between them and desire turns to love does Sophie realize her true danger: the treasure Jagger Remington has come to plunder is her heart.

An Unexpected Love

A debt of honor forces Jagger to abandon his life and agree to wed Sophie sight unseen, but the lady he finds is more beautiful than he expected, and more spirited. She soon makes it clear that she never consented to her brother’s matchmaking scheme. Despite her protests and his suspicions surrounding the match, decency demands they wed. But what begins as a marriage based on duty, soon turns to irresistible attraction. Jagger never expected to find love—and redemption for his past sins—within his makeshift family. Now he faces his greatest challenge: to win Sophie’s trust and earn her love…before the truth behind their hasty marriage emerges to destroy them.

And the print cover:


ISBN Print Edition: 978-0-9885505-2-0

Thank you for reading!

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