Kobo Offers Readers A Fabulous Deal on Select Titles

The only thing better than shopping for a new book (or many books, as the case may be) is getting a great bargain on those books! So I’m excited to share the news that Kobo is having a 4-day only, 50% off sale on SELECT** titles. The dates of the sale vary by territory, and not all books are included. Please see this article from Kobo for specific details.

Here’s a link to my titles, all of which should be eligible for the discount:


And here are the sale dates and the promo codes:

October 28th – October 31st
Promo Code: CA50SALE

United States/Australia/New Zealand
October 27th – October 30th
Promo Code: GET50SALE

United Kingdom
October 30th – November 2nd
Promo Code: UK50SALE

**In the comments section of their announcement, Kobo offers this suggestion for how to check if a title you’re interested in purchasing qualifies for the discount: The search navigation tools on the left of the search page has a number of filters, and one of those filters allows you to search an author’s titles for “Items Eligible for Promo Codes.”

Happy Book Shopping! And thanks, Kobo, for giving readers this wonderful gift!

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