Listify Life Summer Challenge

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the hashtag #ListifyLife, a social media challenge created by Jaci Burton, Shannon Stacey, and Roni Loren, with pretty graphics designed by Sierra Godfrey. While it looked like fun, I didn’t join in right away because the spring challenge was nearly done. Luckily, they’ve set up a new challenge for summer, and it starts today.

It’s easy and fun and takes only a few minutes to play:

  • Read the weekly journal prompt
  • Make a list on paper, index card, bullet journal, word processor, chalkboard, anywhere you can scrawl a few lines
  • Snap a picture
  • Post your picture to your favorite Social Media Sites, using the hashtag #ListifyLife
  • Follow the hashtag to see what others have written and share your own

Here’s the list of this summer’s challenge:


Sierra Godfrey has made some fun graphics available on her website. You can visit her here.

To read the original post that started it all last spring, visit Sierra Godfrey here.

This week’s challenge: What summer is to me

And here’s my pic, complete with messy handwriting, my favorite Cross Botanica fountain pen, and a beautiful lilly picked fresh from my garden.

#ListifyLife June 19, 2016

Go forth and #ListifyLife 🙂

Today is Father’s Day, and we’ll be heading out to enjoy one of those fabulous sidewalk cafes.

Have a great day!

Game of Thornes

A few years ago, we visited Chicago. We only had a few days to take in the sights, so we marveled at the architecture and explored the King Tut exhibit, which was on display at the time. I wish I had known about the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. I would have found some way to squeeze in a visit.

According to the Art Institute’s website, these models were brought to life by Mrs. James Ward Thorne of Chicago and their exhibit consists of 68 miniature rooms, depicting European and American furnishings and decorations in exquisite detail.

Also on the Art Institute’s website is a marvelous interactive game, The Game of Thornes.

To play, visitors wander through a maze of various rooms, exploring the objects within in search of clues that will lead to the exit, where a lovely surprise awaits intrepid travelers who solve the puzzle and reach the end. Not quite as exciting as an in-person visit, I imagine, but just as intriguing for the chance to explore these marvelous, miniature rooms, if only from a distance.

If you have a few minutes, give the game a try. It’s challenging and fun.

Another collection of these magnificent rooms can be found at the Knoxville Museum of Art. I hope you’ll visit the Knoxville Museum’s website, as they have a nice summation of how and why Mrs. Thorne created these rooms. They also have a wonderful Flickr slideshow, showcasing their collection. From there, I learned a third collection resides at the Phoenix Art Museum, which states a total of five museums have the privilege to house these miniature marvels. I could not find links to the other two museums, but will update this post as soon as I do.

As you can see, I am now completely fascinated by these lovely works of art. Now I need to learn more about Mrs. Thorne, a most intriguing woman.

My thanks to @john_overholt on Twitter for bringing this previously unknown-to-me bit of history to my attention. Now I only hope I have a chance to return to Chicago and travel to Knoxville and Phoenix to visit these amazing exhibits and see these beautiful rooms.

Holiday Baking and Cookies

My cookie baking career started as a mother-daughter special tradition when my daughter was too young to understand what we were doing, but oh, how she loved to lick the chocolate-covered spatulas. As she grew older, she graduated to rolling the dough, then painting on the decorations, until finally she invited her friends into the house for cookie baking parties while I sat back and sipped eggnog–and how nice is that!

cookies cooking

Back then, the Fanny Farmer Baking Book was my go-to source. Now that cookbook belongs to my daughter, its well-worn pages spattered with batter and memories and love.

For the last few years, the cookbook I’ve used is Sweet Maria’s Cookie Jar, and I highly recommend it. Every recipe I’ve tried is delicious.


In the past, I’ve made 10-15 varieties, but this year I am absolutely, positively, cutting down to six.
-Gingerbread, of course, though this recipe is from my original cookbook.
And from Sweet Maria’s:
-Eggnog Cookies, p. 140
-Pumpkin Pie Drops, p. 125
-Snickerdoodles, p. 22
-Maple Walnut Drops, p. 24
-Italian Drop Cookies, p. 59
-Pecan Sandies, p. 86
-Thumbprints, p. 131

Wait a minute. That’s eight, and my list has about ten more that are simply delicious. I. Must. Cut. Down.

Do you like to bake? Have a favorite cookbook? A specialty cookie you must make every year or your family will grumble? How do you decide which to include and which to forgo? This inquiring mind wants to know 🙂

Have a great day!